About Anderson and Glenn

The partnership has brought together two experienced professionals who between them can cover many aspects of work in the conservation and restoration for historic buildings and gardens. Where additional skills are required, the practice can call upon a wide range of associated professionals to supplement the core expertise.

    Construction, Architecture and Surveys

    Anderson & Glenn undertakes surveys and assessments of buildings and gardens, prepares architectural and landscape conservation plans, conservation area surveys, applications for planning permissions and also creates new building and garden designs for interesting and sensitive sites.

    Anderson & Glenn are interested in the conservation of Britain’s Heritage in all its forms. As well as undertaking work on historic buildings and gardens, they take great pride in maintaining and driving their 1932 Riley Alpine (OV 8357), and a 1932 Riley March Special (MPF 423).

    Over the last few years, the cars have successfully completed many trips throughout the UK. Both cars have been serviced and checked over, to take to the open-road again throughout 2014. This year is the eightieth anniversary of Rileys greatest triumph at Le Mans and three of us are going there in our Riley Alpine Six.

    In addition to our conservation work we also have a keen interest in interior design. We work with a number of companies to restore the former glory of traditional period properties using interior mouldings and design properties from skirting board through to the landscaping of gardens.

Design Services

At Anderson and Glenn we are able to provide you with a full architectural design and restoration service. Please get in touch with us today to discuss your project.

    Anderson and Glenn were commissioned by Sandwell District Council to prepare a Conservation and Management Plan for this early seventeenth-century Timber Framed House. It is currently used as a popular Local Authority Museum.