The Haven, Boston

Anderson & Glenn designed this modern centre for the visual arts, as part of the Guildhall restoration project. Situated in the Cultural Quarter of Boston, the building has contributed greatly to the regeneration of this area of the town.

Now called the 'Haven' this arts centre has been created by Anderson & Glenn from a derelict 1960s retail showroom. The conversion has incorporated many exciting modern features, including an Italian structural  glass facade.

Due in part to the quality of the design, it has received substantial European Union funding. Finished in June 2005, the 'Haven' attracted thousands of visitors in the first few weeks of its opening.


The excellence of Anderson and Glenn's architectural design services have won the practice a top-award for their work on the Haven Gallery, Boston.  The prize for the Best Public/Community Project was presented to Architect, Mary Anderson at the East Midlands Region, LABC Built in Quality Awards 2006.


Also shown in the photograph are Chris Carr of  R.G.Carter (left) and Mick Venn of Boston Borough Council's Building Control Department.

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