Hall Place, Bucks: Grade II*                    

This very important early eighteenth century house was remodelled in 1868 by the architect Henry Woodyer (1816 - 1896). He surprisingly adopted a style far removed from the neo-Gothic that he is usually associated with. At the same time he also laid out the formal gardens to the south of the house.

The Woodyer parterre: circa 1869.

Anderson and Glenn were commissioned by the present owners to prepare a restoration and enhancement plan for these historic grounds. The gardens immediately to the south of the house were an early priority. Archival and some simple archaeological investigation revealed the position of the former Woodyer parterre and its accompanying yew walk. It was decided to replant the Irish yews in their original positions and  re-create the 1868 geometric patterned beds by delineating them in Buxus microphylla 'Faulkener'.  This work was carried out with great success and detailed illustrated accounts of it have been featured in The Garden and Country Life Magazine.

An accurate survey of the site was carried out and scale plans of the proposed parterre were prepared and it was marked out on the ground.


The turf was removed to form the pattern of the beds.


The beds were double-dug and the planting positions were carefully marked out using the scale plans.

High quality plants were selected by Anderson & Glenn.

The finished parterre.

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