7-13 Bridge St: Horncastle: Grade II

This group of early listed buildings had been unoccupied for a number of years and due to lack of proper maintenance they were in a very dilapidated and dangerous condition. Proposals were put forward to demolish them but were opposed by East Lindsey District Council who justifiably regarded them as an important part of the historic fabric of Horncastle. In order to save the buildings and put them back into good order, the Local Authority commissioned Anderson & Glenn to prepare a Schedule of Urgent Works to stabilise the structure whilst a strategy for their sustainable restoration was formulated. As a result of this meticulously detailed design work the project was awarded a substantial grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The extensive restoration work was carried out under the direction of Anderson & Glenn and was finished, on time and within budget, early in 2006.

Below: 11 Bridge Street in the 1930s

(far-left of the photograph).

Below: 7-13 Bridge Street before restoration.


Below: The restored buildings Spring 2006

Below: An artist's impression showing the unusual layout of the buildings

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